use idm to download full skype installer

use idm to download full skype installerEvery time, when we try to download skype for our pc (windows pc), we often end up downloading skypesetup.exe file which is indeed an online web base installer file for SKYPE. Download Full Offline Installer of Skype Using Internet Download manager

Today, we are presenting a way of downloading and saving skype offline installer via skypesetup.exe file using IDM (Internet Download Manager).

So, lets get started. First thing you need is IDM, if you don’t have then feel free to download the latest version of idm here. After this you need skype online installer file, you can get it from official site of skype. Then, follow these steps now:

Video Tutorial:

  1. Open IDM
  2. Go to Downloads -> Option ->General
  3. Click on Add Browsers
    (A pop up window with message ‘Please locate the browser executable file on the next dialog will appear, Just Click on OK’).
  4. Then Browse to the location of ‘skypesetup.exe’ and click on open.
  5. Open Skypesetup.exe file
  6. Click on I agree-next button ->Continue->Continue
  7. IDM Download Box will pop in
  8. Start Download Skype Full Installer

Now you have the latest version of Skype full installer, that means you dont have to download it again and again using skypesetup.exe file.

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