ShellExecuteEx failedAre you getting this annoying “ShellExecuteEx failed; code 2.” message whenever you try to execute some ‘exe‘ file [esp. setup.exe]? on your pc with windows 10 or windows 7 or even xp or vista. Then you have come to right place. I have a simple and easy fix for this error. Just keep it simple.


We have complete tutorial to fix this error below:

[The error message occured when we try to open setup.exe file so we will be naming filename as setup.exe (The filename might be different on yourside but the process is same)]

“Error Message while opening ‘Setup.exe’ file from mounted drive of UltraISO.” If you have ‘iso’ file and mounted over virtual drive and tried to run the setup.exe file and get “ShellExecuteEx failed; code 2.” error message then you have no solution rather than to extract the iso file and running the setup file from the extracted folder. [watch the tutorial to see how to do it]

For other “Just simply run the program as Adminstrator”. Right Click your file and select ‘Run as Adminstrator’. That’s it. The program will run now.

Vide Tutorial here:

Note: We have tested the above steps on pc with Windows 10 installed. We cannot guarantee this steps will work on all platforms.

So, If it does not work then feel free to write the comment below, we will try our best to solve your issue.

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