create exe file

create exe fileMany of you might be wondering to create .exe file, one has to be a great programmer and must know lots of knowledge about coding. But what if  we say, now you don’t need to dig that much deeper to create an exe file. It’s just simple as clicking a login button. Just follow these 3 simple steps and you will be ready to setup your first exe file.


How to Create EXE File or EXE APP or EXE Program in 3 Quick Simple Steps ?

Step-1: Right click on your desktop and Goto New>Shortcut

Step-2: Type the desired cmd command [eg: in this tutorial we are creating Ping.exe file which is use for pinging sites so we input  the command: ping -t]

Step:3: Give the desire name to your exe file and click on Finish Button.

Voila!! Congratulation you have just created your first exe file for you pc. You can also change the icon of your exe file: watch the video below for full video demonstration.

Steps to change the Icon of Newly created Exe File:

  1. Right Click on Your Exe File then go to Properties.
  2. Click on Change Icon Button
  3. Now Either You can select the default list of icon or browse the icon of you choice from your pc.

Note: .ico, .icl, .exe and .dll file type are only supported as icon file.